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  • BC Laws


    Please be advised, bclaws.ca will be moving to a new domain after December 1, 2020.

    The new domain is https://www.bclaws.gov.bc.ca

    For anyone using the site to search or browse legislation, no action is required as all requests to the current domain will be automatically redirected to the new domain. If you are a site maintainer or API user, you may wish to update links to the new domain.

    If you experience any issues using the new domain, please contact us.

    Current CollectionsLicensed by: Queen's Printer

    Historical CollectionsLicensed by: Queen's Printer

    BC Laws Buzz


    View listing of regulations, orders in council and ministerial orders as of November 24, 2020.

    New Historical Content

    Queen's Printer is pleased to announce the addition of the Historical Annual Statutes dating back to 1858.

    Open Data

    Queen's Printer content is delivered in an "open data format" through a REST API. Data use restrictions have also changed.

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